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Rodger Stella - "Death Loop Cut" CD


Image of Rodger Stella - "Death Loop Cut" CD

Though not initially intended as a stand-alone release, “Death Loop Cut” has long been among the most celebrated recordings in Rodger Stella’s catalog. Originally, the source loops for “Death Loop Cut” were only used during the opening segment of Macronympha’s 2006 live appearance at No Fun Fest, but for some reason, the introduction to the set did not appear on the subsequent live LP. One of Stella’s colleagues, who was at the show, noticed the omission and asked Stella about it, prompting him to assemble a sprawling 80-minute recording derived from the source material. The result was the remarkable “Death Loop Cut” CDR, originally released in 2007 and only given out to a few close friends. (Stella later released the recording in larger CDR and tape editions, both of which are now out of print.) On “Death Loop Cut,” Stella’s discordant loops, intricately woven together, bleed in and out of the mix becoming increasingly corrupted and warped as they dissolve into the menacingly hypnotic composition. This new CD is the first professionally reproduced edition of the recording and, unlike the original CDR, features full-color cover art.