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Entre Vifs "Heavy Duty" CD


Image of Entre Vifs "Heavy Duty" CD

Entre Vifs, the sound of creation/destruction...the purest noise around. Scraping, dragging, sawing, crunching noise. Entre Vifs were, to me, the epitome of noise in the late 1980's/early 90's and this is the most chaotic and raw of their three major releases. Of all the noise I've listened to, Entre Vifs is perhaps the only group who directly influenced my sound and technique. This is forward moving, fast paced and constantly changing noise. "Heavy Duty" revels in the sound of destruction, the tonal landscape collapsing in on itself and rebuilding in explosions of sound. It brings to mind an image of a building being concurrently raised and destroyed while jackhammers and machine guns compete for sonic dominance. If you love noise then you really need this in your ears. Your moral sharpening begins now! - RODGER STELLA (MACRONYMPHA, HOLLOW BUSH, ETC)

Originally released in 1989 by Cthulhu Records, Entre Vifs' debut tape remains a crucial release in the canon of Industrial/Noise. Led by Zorin (musician and visual propagandist in the legendary Le Syndicat), Entre Vifs created chaotic roars of noise with hand designed instruments resulting in one of the most distinctive sounding projects of that era. Influencing Machine is honored to present a new CD version so that this classic release can be available once more. Packaged in Digipack case featuring artwork/design by Zorin and includes a 4 panel insert.