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After concluding the now-legendary public access TV series, "The Pain Factory," Michael Nine embarked on a new and more subversive public access endeavor: a collaboration with Scott Arford called "Fuck TV." Whereas "The Pain Factory" predominantly revolved around experimental music performances, "Fuck TV" was a comprehensive and experiential audio-visual presentation. Aired to a passive and unsuspecting audience on San Francisco’s public access channel from 1997 to 1998, each episode of "Fuck TV" was dedicated to a specific topic, combining video collage and cut-up techniques set to a harsh electronic soundtrack. The resultant overload of processed imagery and visceral sound was unlike anything presented on television before or since. This DVD set marks the first time that this show has been made available since its original airing.

3 DVD DISC SET- 10 EPISODES + 8 Page Booklet
Total Running Time 09:17:57

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Fuck TV can also be purchased from Neural Operations: https://www.neuraloperations.org/